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Ashwagandha , one of the oldest forms of alternative medicine known to mankind and is native to the indian culture use in the treatment of various ailments.

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On human study publishd in th Intnational Jounal Ayuvda sach ound that using th hb hat Zenegra 100 price in india halth (in combination with anoth Ayuvdic hb) was hlpul in impoving muscl stngth and nduanc.

Ashwagandha is usd athitis, anxity, toubl slping (insomnia), tumos, tubculosis, asthma, a skin condition makd by whit patchinss (lukodma), bonchitis, backach, ibomyalgia, mnstual poblms, hiccups, and chonic liv disas.

Som popl alsus ashwagandha impoving thinking ability, dcasing pain and swlling (inlammation), and pvnting th cts aging. It is alsusd tility poblms in mn and womn and alstincas sxual dsi.

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similarly, in a randomized clinical trial, 8 weeks of treatment with ashwagandha was seen to increase levels of thyroxine in patients with bipolar disorder.